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Outcome of Judicial Commission referral of Magistrate Pithouse to Head of Jurisdiction

Victims of Crime Commissioner Fiona McCormack said:

“Victims of crime should never have their experience trivialised or disregarded.

“Sexual assault and family violence are crimes that are significantly underreported for many reasons, including fear of being blamed or retraumatised by the system.

“To increase these victims’ trust in the justice system, it's critical that those who interface with victims are trained so they have a comprehensive understanding of the challenges victims face. 

“There is a need for a continued focus on requiring legal professionals, including judicial officers, to undergo training to improve attitudes and understanding of victimisation, trauma and the ways in which the justice system can cause additional harm to victims of crime.

“Victims need to hear the right messages from our leaders such as judicial officers, police commissioners and politicians. What leaders say in the public sphere will influence whether victims feel they can trust the system.”

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