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The Commissioner’s values

Vision and values

The Commissioner’s vision is for all members of the community to be valued by the institutions that govern them, to be recognised in any decision-making that affects them, and to access the services they need to support their safety and health.

The Commissioner is:

  • Dedicated to making changes that will create a cultural shift in the justice system. This involves pushing for reforms that recognize the importance of victims and their rights in the process.
  • Committed to ensuring that victims of crime are heard and respected by justice agencies and victims’ services, and that they provide safe, inclusive and trauma-informed responses for all victims of crime.


This work is guided by the values of trust, respect, recognition, empowerment and courage.

We use authority responsibly and transparently

We model the Charter principles of courtesy, respect and dignity

We represent the concerns of victims of crime across Victoria’s diverse community

We build collective capacity to improve the justice system

We honour the courage of victims by advocating to the best of our ability

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